Note 1: In order to conquer the Artemis camp, the hero must survive the battle.

Note 2: You can also attack the Artemis camp with multiple attacks and destroy the Artemis army to capture/conquer it.

Note 3: The level of the Artemis troops in the camp sometimes depends on the type of treasure. Therefore, we advise you to spy on the camp first.

Note 4: Capturing the Artemis camp does not affect the mansion or the number of oases you can capture, but the mansion's level should be at 10.

Note 5: Treasures obtained after capturing the Artemis camp will be transferred to your treasury. Your treasury can contain a maximum of 2 treasures at level 10, and at level 20, there is no limit on the number of treasures as long as you have enough treasury spaces in your cities.

Note 6: If a treasure shows active in the treasury after it has been captured, it can be moved to other cities and can be attacked by other players. But if the captured treasure shows archived in the treasury, it cannot be attacked anymore and is not transferable.

Note 7: To transfer one treasure, you will need one king.

Note 8: You can only transfer treasures that have an active status.

Note 9: If a Golden Ring or a Legendary Ring is transferred to another city and returns to its original destination due to a lack of suitable treasury, the countdown to be archived will start again from the time of arrival.

Note 10: If the Artemis camp is attacked and destroyed, but the attacker does not have sufficient room in their treasury or the level of the treasury is not high enough.

Note 11: Golden Ring will stay active after it has been captured. If a player secures the golden key for 7 days, it will be archived. In the 7 days before the golden Ring is archived, a player can move it between his/her cities, but not to other players.

Note 12: Silver Ring, chests after captured, they are archived.

Note 13: Gems do not go to the treasury and are directly added to your Gems balance.

Note 14: The Legendary Ring will stay active for 72 hours after it is captured. The holder of the Legendary Ring should not transfer it to other players. If transferred, the countdown to archive would start again.

Note 15: Players can attack the player holding the treasure and capture it from them by destroying their treasury.

Note 16: Every three days, the location of the Legendary Ring changes and goes to a different Artemis city.

Note 17: At the beginning of the game, the Artemis have four cities; however, these cities can increase or decrease.

Note 18: After the archive, users will receive their reward in their profile and can claim it.

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