Increased Production by Sending Skilled Forces to Conquered Mines

Players can capture mines placed around the city by sending troops & the king. After capturing the mine, you can send the related skilled force to increase your production of that resource by up to 75% in a mine with 1 resource and up to 50% each in mines with two resources. Every skilled force dispatched to a mine can increase their related resource by 5%.

After you capture the mine, go to the map and click the option "Send Skilled Force" on the map. Dispatch the related skilled force to the mine to increase your resources. Also, you can see the number of skilled forces at work in various mines displayed in the town hall under "Skilled Force" > "Workforce". Additionally, you can send a skilled force to a maximum of 3 different mines. For more information on how to capture mines, go to the "Capture Mine" section.

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